Neil Chheda

Co-founder & General Partner
Romulus Capital


Neil Chheda is Co-founder and General Partner Romulus Capital. As a former product manager and entrepreneur, Neil loves partnering with entrepreneurs to build teams and products at the earliest stages of a business.

Prior to Romulus, Neil was a product manager at Zynga, where spent most of his time building products for Farmville which have since reached hundreds of millions of users. He also spent time at McKinsey and founded a healthcare company that provides innovative anesthesiology service solutions. Neil is an avid scuba diver and private pilot, but when he’s on the ground, he focuses on investments in internet, mobile, and healthcare companies.

Neil received an A.B. in Political Science from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Source : Romulus Capital

Professional Details

Designation Co-founder & General Partner
Company Romulus Capital
Previous Company Zynga | McKinsey
Education Harvard Business School (MBA) | Yale University (B.A.)
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Country United States of America