Lord Swaraj Paul

Chairman & Founder
Caparo Group


Lord Swaraj Paul is Chairman & Founder of Caparo Group. Lord Paul’s roots go back to the little Punjab town of Jalandhar in India where, in 1910, his father started by making steel buckets, tubs, trunks and agricultural implements, and had a small foundry at the back of the family home. From this modest undertaking Apeejay Surrendra Group has grown into one of India’s largest family owned industrial groups in a wide range of industries : steel, engineering, pharmaceuticals, hotels, shipping and tea.

Lord Paul and his brothers grew up surrounded by their father’s small business and succeeded him in its diversification and expansion. From his father, Lord Paul and his brothers learnt three important business lessons: integrity, hard work and the value of close family ties.

Though the business prospered, the family continued to live frugally, following the Hindu prescription “simple living and high thinking”. Anecdotes recall that when Lord Paul’s mother was asked why she wore no jewels, she would proudly declare: “my sons are my jewels.” This ethic of close family ties continued and Lord Paul attributes much of his business success to the moral and emotional support he received from his three brothers – Stya, Jit and Surrendra, and the happy home life created by his wife, Aruna.

Lord Paul came to Britain in 1966 for medical treatment for his daughter, Ambika. He remained in England after her tragic death in 1968 and sees all he has created in Caparo Group as a dedication to her memory. In 1994 Lord Paul took the opportunity to commemorate the rebuilding of London’s Children’s Zoo in her name. Whilst receiving treatment in London, the Zoo became Ambika’s favourite destination.

Lord Paul studied MSc in Mechanical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Awarded the Padma Bhushan (Indian equivalent to British Peerage) by the Government of India in 1983. Elevated to the British Peerage in 1996.

Source : Caparo

Professional Details

Designation Chairman & Founder
Company Caparo Group
Net Worth ‎£2 billion
Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MSc in Mechanical Engineering)
Country United Kingdom